Clement Nixon Agwingi Okuku, Prof. Margaret A. Oloko


This study was conducted to enable county government understand the factors affecting procurement performance in county roads in Kisumu County. The main purpose of this study was to establish the effect of procurement practices on performance of road projects in Kisumu West Sub-County. The study specifically sought to determine the effect of procurement planning and information technology on performance  of  road projects in Kisumu County. The study was conducted through survey design. Stratified sampling procedure was used to identify a sample size of 77 from a target population of 500. Data was collected using self-reporting questionnaire. Data was analyzed using multiple regression analysis model and results presented using tables and graphs. The findings were 55.3% of the respondents strongly agree that planning affects project performance. Results also showed that procurement planning, and information technology affected project performance. Recommendations are;  Kisumu Sub-County should;  put more adequate measures on the procurement planning of road projects to ensure that they finish their road projects on time and help in improving procurement performance and adopt and interface their procurement process with contractors to help in reducing of the bidding process and thus help improve procurement performance within the county.

Key Words: Procurement Performance, County Roads, Procurement Practices, Procurement Planning, Information Technology

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