David Njuguna Kamau, Dr. Yusuf Muchelule


Purpose: The main purpose of this study was to examine the influence of participatory monitoring and evaluation practices on the performance of projects, with special reference to Livelihood Development Projects in Somaliland. Specifically, the study examined the influence of PM&E team capacity and PM&E planning on performance of Livelihood development projects in Somaliland.

Methodology: The study adopted a descriptive survey research design. The study targeted 84 respondents consisting of UNFAO resilience project team members, monitoring and evaluation team, key staff of the third-party monitoring firm and key monitoring staff of the project implementing partners. A census survey was also adopted. This study utilized a quantitative methodology that will incorporate both descriptive and inferential statistics in analysis.

Findings: The study found that PM&E significantly influences the performance of livelihood development projects in Somaliland. The study also established that team capacity and PM&E planning have a strong correlation with performance of Livelihood development projects in Somaliland. The study also found that team capacity and PM&E planning to have significant influence on performance of Livelihood development projects in Somaliland.


The study recommended organization to embrace the participatory monitoring and evaluation activities to enhance project performance.

Key words: Participatory Monitoring & Evaluation, Team Capacity, PM&E Planning, Project Performance, Livelihood development projects.

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