Brian Owino Oduor, Dr. Anne Marie Wairimu Mungai


This study focused on examining how Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) impacts the sustainability of resilience projects in Garissa County, Kenya. Specifically, it investigates the influence of factors such as monitoring frameworks and funding for TPM activities. A descriptive survey research design was employed to conduct this research, targeting project managers, supervisors, M&E officers, and project support staff involved in 16 social resilience projects. Data was collected through questionnaires and analyzed using SPSS (version 28) using both descriptive and inferential statistics, and the findings were tabulated. The study found that the presence of a well-developed monitoring manual framework also demonstrated a noteworthy positive impact (β = 0.308, p = 0.018), underlining the importance of structured frameworks in enhancing project performance and long-term sustainability. Furthermore, adequate funding allocated to Third-Party Monitors exhibited a substantial positive relationship (β = 0.425, p = 0.000), highlighting the critical role of financial resources in supporting effective monitoring practices and ultimately ensuring the sustainability of resilience projects in the region. Based on the findings, it is evident that the variables significantly influence the sustainability of resilience projects in Garissa County, Kenya with Funding of TPMs having the highest effect followed by Monitoring manual framework. Therefore, by establishing robust Monitoring Manual Frameworks and addressing funding challenges for TPMs, Garissa County can improve project oversight, performance, and impact, ultimately contributing to positive development outcomes for communities in the region.


Key Words: Third-Party Monitoring, Sustainability, Resilience Projects, Monitoring Frameworks, Funding for TPM activities

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