PHANI Krishna Koduru, ARCHANA Tatavarthi


The main aim of this work is to find the effects of rapid population growth on economic development in India.  This is very important because India is  second most populated country in the world and many  studies  show  that  India  will overtake  china  soon  based  on  the population  growth  rate  in  both of  these countries.  So the study of relationship between  these  variables  may  help  the government  to  consider  the  effect  of population  growth  on  their  policies  in future.    This paper is mainly divided into five parts. In part 1, we try to make the reader familiarize with the existing works on this topic.  Part 2 lists the variables which  are  relevant  to  show  how population  growth  and  economic development  interact.  In part 3, we will look upon how the  developed  countries have  progressed  and  the  interaction between  these  variables  in  those countries.  In part 4, the relationship between  these  variables  in  the  Indian context is looked upon and we also try to project  the  expected  values  of  the variables  concerned  for  the  coming  20 years. In part 5, using the projected data and the case studies of developed countries, we try to suggest a few policies which can fasten the economic progress in the country.  This paper ends with the conclusion and a few remarks.

Key Terms: Population growth, Economic development, Economic progress, Developed and developing countries, linear regression model.

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