Procurement is a key economic activity of any government that significantly impacts how taxpayers’ money is spent and is a function that remains most vulnerable to corruption. The Kenya government has lost hundreds of millions of tax payer's money through canceled contracts, unfinished projects, poor service or product delivery, corruptions and extended contract periods in the last eight years without major improvement. This study sought fill the gap by empirically investigating the influence of contract management on performance of KiambuCounty. This study was be guided by the following study objectives; to determine the influence of contract cost management on performance of Kiambu County, to establish effect of the contract relationship management on performance of KiambuCounty. The study adopt descriptive survey design and draw on a quantitative inquiry. This study picked a sample of 96 respondents. The study findings indicate that contract relationship management and contract cost management positively and significantly affect performance. As such, Kiambu County should embrace more contract relationship management.

Key words: procurement contract management, contract cost management, Contract relationship management and performance

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