Agnes Wayua Kinyumu, Dr. Anne-Marie Wairimu Mungai


Project Quality Management has been strongly emphasized all over the world especially due to its importance in enhancing project performance and increasing customer satisfaction. Quality being a universal phenomenon has seen a universal shift in the mindset of many constructors and product manufacturers. The general objective is to examine effect of project quality on performance of Bank financed housing programs in Nairobi Metropolitan Area. The specific objectives were to examine the effect of quality planning, assurance, on performance of Bank financed housing programs in Nairobi Metropolitan Area. The study was guided by the Prospect theory, Crosby theory. This study employs a descriptive research design. The target population was 91 housing project team members (project managers, project engineers, quantity surveyor, architect, electrical engineer, structural engineer, and procurement officers) from 13 Bank financed housing projects in Nairobi Metropolitan Area. Census sampling technique was employed to selected 91 respondents. Data will be collected using questionnaires. A pilot is conducted with 10% of the sample size hence nine respondents who did not take part in the actual data collection. The validity is ascertained using content and convergent validity. Reliability was measured using Cronbach's alpha co-efficient. Data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics and then tabulated. The study concludes that quality planning has a positive and significant effect on performance of Bank financed housing programs in Nairobi Metropolitan Area. In addition, the study concludes that quality assurance has a positive and significant effect on performance of Bank financed housing programs in Nairobi Metropolitan Area. Based on the results, the study recommends that the management of Commercial Banks should continue ensuring quality planning of Bank financed housing programs to enhance project performance. In addition, the management of Commercial Banks should formulate and implement effective roadmap to continue ensuring quality assurance of Bank financed housing programs to enhance project performance.



Kinyumu, A. W. & Mungai. A-M. W. (2022). Project Quality On The Performance Of Bank Financed Housing Programs In Nairobi Metropolitan Area. Social Sciences & Humanities Open, 3(2022), 87-95

2590-2911/© 2022 The Authors. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Social Sciences & Humanities Open 3 (2022) 100101

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