Calvins Ojwang Ouko, Dr. George Gatero


The study aimed to establish the influence of knowledge management practices on service innovation performance in the Huduma Centres in Nairobi City County, Kenya. Specific objectives of the study included: determining the influence of knowledge acquisition, and finding out the influence of knowledge application on service innovation performance in the Huduma Centres in Nairobi City County, Kenya. The study adopted a descriptive survey research design. The target population was 700 employees from which a sample of size of 255 respondents was selected using Yamane (1967) and a simple random sampling technique. Primary data was collected using structured questionnaires and applying the drop and pick later method in the data collection procedure. The data collected from the study was cleaned by checking for errors in entry, and descriptive statistics such as frequencies; percentages, mean score, and standard deviation were later estimated for all the quantitative variables. Multiple regression analysis was used to establish the relations between the independent and dependent variables. The study found that the coefficient of correlation R was 0.897 an indication that the variables were highly correlated. Adjusted R2 was 0.801 an indication that variations in organizational performance were influenced by the independent variables. The study concluded that knowledge acquisition and application positively influenced service innovation performance at Huduma Centres in Nairobi City County, Kenya. This was attributed to the following factors; staff learned to carry out their job by sharing out duties, and respondents indicated that the organization planned for seminars to share knowledge on current workplace and staffs were trained on different tasks on the different job to share knowledge. The study recommends that new knowledge ought to be created in the public service in an organized formal training session and through research and development (R&D). The stakeholders ought to use public services to create knowledge and to increase service delivery to the citizens, collect knowledge to help in solving everyday work problems and improve service delivery to public service. Huduma Centre system ought to have a trail to monitor access to knowledge stored, they ought to have a proper mechanism for retrieving stored work procedures and manuals and use advanced systems in storing their created knowledge for future use and proper references when needed.


Key Words: Knowledge acquisition, Knowledge Application, Service Innovation Performance, knowledge management practices

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