Edna Njoki Mutegi, Dr. Miriam Thogori


The study was aimed at establishing the role of public procurement audit on supply chain performance of state corporations situated in Nairobi County, Kenya and provide relevant recommendations. The study sought to establish the effect of procurement planning audit, and tender preparation audit. This was achieved through the review of both theoretical and empirical literature. Descriptive research methodology was used to address the gaps identified in the literature and also response to the research questions were obtained. A sample of 94 respondents was selected from the 125 state corporations situated in Nairobi County, Kenya. Stratified random sampling technique was applied in the selection of the sample from the target population. Primary data was collected from Supply Chain Officers through administration of questionnaires. Questionnaires were deemed to be more effective tools of data collection as results obtained therefrom could easily be quantified by the researcher through the use of a software package. The instruments were adequately created based on the study objectives and their validity and reliability were determined. In order to analyze the data gathered, descriptive and inferential statistics were employed. To reflect the link between the variables under research, i.e., the dependent and independent variables, the study used multiple regression as well as correlation analysis. Data was analyzed using the Statistical Package of Social Sciences (SPSS) version 24 to provide information that was graphically represented by charts, frequencies, and percentages. The findings also demonstrate that an increase of one unit in the procurement planning audit will result in a 0.250 increase in the scores of state corporations' supply chain performance; an increase of one unit in the tender preparation audit will produce a 0.481 increase in supply chain performance.


Key Words: public procurement audit, supply chain performance, state corporations, procurement planning audit, tender preparation audit

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