Jared Bett, Dr. Yusuf Muchelule


This study sought to examine project risk management process and performance of automobile firms in Kenya. Specifically, the study sought to establish the influence of risk identification, and risk analysis on the performance of projects in the four major automotive firms in Kenya. The researcher targeted projects undertaken by Isuzu East Africa, Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers (KVM), Associated Vehicle Assemblers (AVA) and Mobius Motors. Where a sample of 96 was drawn. A pilot study was done at Mobius Motors in Nairobi County where a 10% of the Sample of 96 was administered with questionnaires. The study checked for both validity and reliability. The study found that risk management practices have a strong correlation with performance of automotive firms in Kenya. The four independent variables could only explain 63.7% variation in performance. The study found that risk identification had a significant influence on performance of automotive firms in Kenya. Additionally, the study showed that risk analysis has a significant influence on performance of automotive firms in Kenya. The study recommended enhancement of risk management practices to ensure improved performance. The study also recommended use of risk management tools is also encouraged. The study will be useful to automotive firms, scholars, and project practitioners. The results were presented in tables and figures and later discussed. The study employed a model depicting the relationship between risk management practices and performance of automotive firms in Kenya. Further, studies on risk management practices were also recommended to ascertain the variation in performance of automotive firms in Kenya.

Key Words: Project risk management process, Performance, Automobile firms, Risk identification, Risk analysis

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