Gordon Kandie, Dr. Elizabeth Wachiuri


E-procurement simplifies the sourcing and purchasing process in an organization. However there is still some resistance to change and therefore the importance of identifying whether e-procurement creates value to a procurement process, how and what are the benefits of changing from traditional procurement process to electronic procurement. This study focused on examining the influence of e-procurement process on performance Food and Agriculture Authority in Kenya. Specifically, the study focused on establishing the relationship between e-sourcing and performance of Food and Agriculture Authority in Kenya and determining the relationship between e-tendering and performance of Food and Agriculture Authority in Kenya. This study employed a cross sectional descriptive census research design. The unit of analysis for the study was the Agriculture and Food Authority while the unit of observation was managerial employees working in these departments. In every department, 20 management employees were selected. These included; 4 top managers, 6 middle level managers and 10 lower level managers. This implies that the total target population was 160 employees. Census method was used. This study relied on both primary and secondary data. Primary data was collected through use of semi structured questionnaires. The study also conducted pilot test to test the validity and the reliability of the data collection instrument. The data collection instrument generated both qualitative and quantitative data. The study used both descriptive and inferential statistics for data analysis with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS version 25). Descriptive statistics such as mean, standard deviation, frequency and percentages were used in this study. In relation to inferential statistics, the study used correlation analysis to establish the relationship between the independent and the dependent variables. Data was then presented in a tables, bar charts and pie charts. The study concludes that e-sourcing has a significant effect on performance of Food and Agriculture Authority in Kenya. In addition, the study concludes that e-tendering has a significant effect on performance of Food and Agriculture Authority in Kenya.


Key Words: e-procurement process, Food and Agriculture Authority, e-sourcing and e-tendering

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