Risper Awuor Odielo, Dr. Alexander Kyule


This study conceptualized a relationship between project management skills and sustainability of projects. The study was contextualised in grant funded projects undertaken in Kibra constituency in Nairobi city county in Kenya. Grant funds has supported Kenya in financing projects in health and social protection since independence. In the period 2018/2019, funds received by grant funded projects amounted to Kenya shillings 166 billion. Sustainability of the funded projects is of utmost importance if the impact of funding these projects is to be realised. The study main objective was to establish the influence of project management skills on sustainability of grant funded projects in Kibra constituency in Nairobi city county in Kenya. Specific objectives of the study were to: establish the influence of stakeholders’ analysis on sustainability of grant funded projects in Kibra constituency and to determine the influence of project communication on sustainability of grant funded projects in Kibra constituency. The study was anchored on the stakeholder theory, institutional theory and the dynamic capability theory. The study employed descriptive statistic and adopted census approach.  Primary data was collected from 44 non-governmental organisations with projects in Kibra constituency using a 5-point Likert type questionnaire. the questionnaire was administered through a drop and pick method and out of the 44 instruments administered 33 were filled and returned. This was a response rate of 75 percent. Descriptive statistics, correlation and multiple regression analysis was used to analyse data. Overall, there was a significant relation between project management skills and sustainability of grant funded projects. Results of the study indicated that project management skills explained 70 percent variations in sustainability. 30 percent of variations was explained by other factor not considered in the relationship. However, there were mixed findings as regards the individual influence of project management skills on sustainability. Managers will use the findings of this study to identify sustainability drivers in their respective organisations. Future research could be carried out using other variables not considered by the study.

Key Words: Project management skills, Sustainability of projects, Stakeholders’ analysis, Project communication

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