Sharlene Kinyua Murugi, Dr. Samson Paul Nyang’au


Road infrastructure plays a vital role in a nation's socio-economic advancement by facilitating mobility and trade. Kenya’s Vision 2030 underscores infrastructure development as one of the basic pillars of economic growth. Globally, the development and maintenance of infrastructure are recognized as catalysts for sustainable socio-economic progress. Effective project planning optimizes the allocation and utilization of resources for a better outcome. This study sought to establish the influence of project planning on the performance of maintenance projects on trunk roads in Kenya. The specific objectives were: to evaluate the relationship between project scope planning and the performance of maintenance projects on trunk roads in Kenya and to analyze the relationship between project risk planning and the performance of maintenance projects on trunk roads in Kenya. The study utilized the census survey research approach and the target population comprised of 226 engineers, surveyors, and inspectors in KeNHA who are involved in the planning of maintenance projects in KeNHA. Data was distributed to 226 respondents using a questionnaire out of which 210 responded and returned the questionnaire representing a 93% response rate. Descriptive and inferential statistics were engaged to scrutinize data and SPSS version 25 and MS Excel was adopted to expedite data analysis. The results of the study point out that: project scope planning and project risk planning had a positive and substantial impact on project performance. The study concluded that project planning significantly influenced project performance among trunk road maintenance projects in Kenya. The study recommended that aspects of project planning (scope and risk) must be put into consideration when planning for maintenance.

Key Words: Project Planning, Performance of Maintenance Projects, Project Scope Planning and Project Risk Planning

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