Timothy Maingi Maina, Dr. Lawrence Odollo


The general research objective was to determine the influence of strategic management tools on the performance of manufacturing firms Kenya. The specific research objectives were to determine the influence of BCG Matrix and Benchmarking on performance of manufacturing firms in Kenya. The study was anchored on resource-based view theory, institutional theory and portfolio management theory. Descriptive research design was used for the study and the semi structured questionnaire was the main data collection instrument. The study targeted 49 manufacturing firms in Nairobi City County. The study constituted a stratified sampling technique of manufacturing firms within Nairobi County and the number of employees in the sample was 198 to generate information which was presented using, charts and frequency distribution tables. Primary data was collected using structured questionnaires while the secondary data was collected from relevant literature and publications. Pilot testing was done to ensure the reliability and validity of the instrument. Statistical analysis was carried out using statistical packages for social science version 25. Inferential statistics that is the correlation and regression analysis was used to make predictions or inferences about the population from observations and analysis. Regression analysis was also computed to test the relationship between study variables. The questionnaires were self-administered to the respondents by the researcher. Collected data was analyzed using both quantitative and qualitative techniques. The study concluded that BCG matrix has a positive and significant effect on performance of manufacturing firms in Kenya. In addition, the study concluded that benchmarking has a positive and significant effect on performance of manufacturing firms in Kenya. From the results, this study recommends that the management of manufacturing firms in Kenya should ensure effectiveness in implementing BCG matrix to enable them identify possible growth opportunities for their firm. In addition, the management of manufacturing firms in Kenya should adopt internal Benchmarking, external Benchmarking and performance Benchmarking.


Key Words: Strategic Management Tools, BCG matrix, Benchmarking, performance of manufacturing firms

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