Angeline Murugi Njagi, Dr. Kimani E. Maina, Dr. Richard Ngali


This study sought to establish the effect of digital finance service on the sustainable performance of commercial banks in Kenya. Specifically, the study sought to assess the effect of point-of-sale platform on sustainable performance of commercial banks in Kenya. The study was anchored on Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). The study adopted a descriptive research design. The unit of analysis for the study was 43 commercial banks in Kenya while the unit of observation was top management employees (credit manager, finance manager, and operations manager). The target population was therefore 129 individuals comprising of one credit manager, finance manager, and operations manager from each of the 43 commercial banks in Kenya. This research used census sampling technique to select the study sample size. The sample size for the study was therefore 129 respondents. Primary data in this study was collected through use of structured questionnaires. The questionnaire was piloted with a group of 15 respondents from the study population. The collected quantitative data was prepared for statistical analysis before it’s processed through checking and validation after the questionnaires are obtained from the field. Quantitative data was analysed by employing descriptive as well as inferential statistics with help of SPSS version 25. Additionally, descriptive statistics in this study consisted of mean, frequency distribution, percentages and standard deviation. The relationship between dependent and independent variables were established using correlation analysis and regression analysis. The study results were presented through use of tables and figures. The findings of this study benefit the government of Kenya and policy makers, the management of commercial banks, academicians and other researchers. To the government of Kenya and policy makers, the study provides information on digital finance service  and the sustainable performance of commercial banks in Kenya. The study concludes that point of sale platform has a positive and significant effect on sustainable performance of commercial banks in Kenya.

Key Words: Digital finance service, Point-of-sale platform, Sustainable performance, Commercial banks 

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